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GIUDA + Luxurious Faux Furs

Giuda is a five-piece band from Rome, Italy, that play an air-punching mix of anthemic ‘70s rock hooks delivered with the brutal force of early UK punk, all interpreted in a contemporary and original way with relevance for today’s discerning listener.

The story of Giuda begins in 2007 and is inextricably connected with that of Rome’s seminal punk rock band Taxi. When Taxi’s career was cut short by the tragic passing of their drummer, singer Ntenda, lead guitarist Lorenzo and bassist (then drummer) Danilo regrouped as Giuda. The lineup is completed by guitarist Michele, adding a second layer of boogie sparks to the mix, and new drummer Alex, who recently replaced Daniele.

Fuelled by the sounds of bands like Slade, Glitter Band, Hector, Third World War and Slaughter & The Dogs, Giuda offer fresh, powerful rock and roll with attitude in spades.

Their debut album “Racey Roller”, famously described by Robin Wills (The Barracudas) as, “Cock Sparrer twinned with the Equals”, was graced with iconic cover art courtesy of French designer and glam fanatic Tony CrazeeKid, and quickly became an underground sensation. Highly praised by publications as diverse as Mojo, The Guardian, Uncut, Rolling Stone, Vice (album of the year) and Maximum Rock’n’Roll, the album remains a true cult classic and an inspiration to the numerous hordes of bovver rockers currently following in Giuda’s wake.

From their debut album release up until the present day, the band has completed several European tours and five USA/North American tours, playing around 400 gigs in total, including triumphant appearances at many major festivals such as Rebellion (Blackpool, UK), PunkRock Bowling (Las Vegas, USA) and Hell Fest (France).

“Racey Roller caused me to piss my pants laughing because it was so brilliant, so exhilarating and fun.” - Joe Elliot (Def Leppard)

“They carry the very essence of guitar rock into the 21st century.” - Alex Petridis, The Guardian

“This is irresistible stuff.” - 9/10 Classic Rock

“Italy’s glammed-up boot boys do it again.” - 9/10 Vive Le Rock

“Delivered with a ‘70s Saturday grin, the aural equivalent of pale ale, home-knitted football scarves and a pub fight.” – 4/5 Shindig

“Subtle as a platform shoe in the teeth.” - Daily Express

“Their performance transported me back to the heady days of watching punk groups play in the back rooms of dodgy London pubs in 1977.″ - Phil King (Lush, Jesus And Mary Chain)

“This is the most fun I’ve had watching a live band since The Fleshtones in their prime. This is no single-minded retro trip, but pure energy, loud, tight and concise.”- Robin Wills (Barracudas, Purepop)

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Electric Six //The Unnatturals // Jessie Tripp & The Nightbreed

w/ The Unnatturals // Jessie Tripp & The Nightbreed

$14 ADV. // $16 DOS

The Devil has always been there. He is the great outsider, the original iconoclast. He is a conniving little shit and never seems to tire of giving humanity a wedgie or a wet willie just for a laugh. The Devil is capable of taking many forms. He can exist as one being or spread out amongst many. He can present himself as an ordinary man or as a horrific cloven-hoofed beast depending on his mood. Above all else, The Devil lives to corrupt, to adulterate, to defile.

Electric Six has often used The Devil as subject matter for its songs because of that last bit, the part about corruption and adulteration. That’s what Electric Six has been trying to do with its music now for quite some time!!!! We want to corrupt young women….just like The Devil!!! There’s nothing more rewarding than the seduction of a young innocent maiden, forcing her to wear demonic dresses, levitating her towards the great fiery skull and watching her eyes turn black as she gives into evil and becomes the bride of The Devil!!!! That….is why we started this band….to help women realize their potential as sexy evil maidens with eyes reflecting the utter darkness of a corrupted soul.

With its fourteenth studio album Bride of the Devil, Electric Six examines the concepts of evil and corruption, humanity’s various falls from grace, the nine circles of purgatory and of course, the internet itself. Bride of the Devil opens with the thunderous opener “The Opener”, a bombastic celebration of the arena rock Electric Six never got to play. The next two numbers are textbook ear worm guitar pop numbers that deal with debilitating income inequality and nepotism (“Daddy’s Boy”) and the horrors of being forced into a pool of toxic waste by an a rabid Doberman trained to kill (“(It Gets) (A Little) Jumpy”).

And then we get to the title track, a radio anthem, where it all becomes clear that The Devil is a metaphor for Russia and the United States is the young girl who is seduced, corrupted and wedded into a Satanic covenant with the beast. It’s all there in black and white. The Carrie Underwood-esque lyrics alongside a backdrop of vodka and caviar and backchannels and Seychllian bank accounts. That’s how they did it. They went after our country performers and got the rubes to feel good about being Russian assets. And still, it is the feel-good anthem of the summer.

Finally, the haunting album closer “Worm In the Wood” is Electric Six at its most serious, most tender and emotional. Haunting. Effervescent. Corrupt. Jaundiced. Tired.

So there you have it. Electric Six is back with its fourteenth record and it’s poppy and feel-good, as well as heavy, both sonically and lyrically. Our sound will corrupt you and enslave you as the beautiful demonic bride you know you truly are. Fraulein, take this severed hand with it’s creepy long nails from the beginning of time. To do so is truly thine destiny.

Come see Electric Six on the “Russia, If You’re Listening” tour this fall and into 2019. Bride of the Devil will be released on Metropolis Records on October 5, 2018 world-wide.

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Forsaken Profits // Chodes // Pallbearers

“Aggressive and putrid these motherfuckers will destroy everything you love and you'll still beg for more. Political, deep and silly as fuck they'll confuse and enthrall you, while having you mosh until you puke. Out of Atlanta, GA they keep the torch lit for amazing southern punk. Skumfucks for life, punks until they die these cats will fuck you up and keep you moving.”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ForsakenProfits/
Bandcamp: https://forsakenprofits.bandcamp.com/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3GNim3zSxCtWuLFdK8a7uW

Forsaken Profits - "Revolution" A BlankTV World Premiere!

The Chodes (Panama City)

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If you’ve ever heard a room full of people yelling “I hope your husband dies” in a some harmoniously sloppy, drunken unison, you’ve probably stumbled into an Amigo The Devil show. Danny Kiranos, better known to the masses as his musical counterpart Amigo The Devil, has been challenging the expectations of traditional folk, country music purists, and rock/extreme metal fans alike with his morbid, yet oddly romantic, take on folk that has amassed a dedicated and cult like fan-base. Despite being armed with only his vocals and a banjo/acoustic guitar, the live show is worlds away from what people expect of a folk show. Loaded with sing-alongs and an unsuspecting dose of humor to make otherwise grim topics accessible for fans of every genre, the songs remain deeply rooted in the tradition of story-telling that seems to be slipping away from the human condition.
For the press release, I basically just wrote down my experiences going into and my purpose for this record and same thing, use it as you please or if you want me to do something else entirely, let me know. I know Kevin wanted me to dig deep and get personal so I did.
RAMBLING:"I got tired of seeing people overcomplicate what they feel, or worse, ignore it altogether. Amigo The Devil started as an outlet for the brutal honesty that people didn’t feel comfortable discussing. More than create, I listened. At a bar, while eating dinner, at the DMV. Call it creeping if you want but it’s a pass time nonetheless. Even in the music being released about it, people used metaphors to dance around and avoid mentioning the dark thoughts people have and that just isn’t enough to shake you from the daydream, or a fever. It had to be simple, direct and honest. At the start, it seemed logical to learn this process by taking the worst people and trying to find the humanity in them. I wrote some songs about serial killers and realized that no matter how despicable their crimes were, everything was still rooted in the human condition with the same basic need to be needed, to feel valued, to have worth. Through this learning process, I realized there was actually something so much more dangerous than the people committing heinous crimes and it was stained so deeply into the fabric of our daily lives. Doubt and the depression it leaves us stranded in. Every experience is clearly different but for me, all of a sudden, it felt like I was living in a well so deep that if I shouted up for help, it would be lost on the way and never heard. It’s terrifying when it feels like you’re alone down there and there isn’t enough light to look around to realize how many people are there alongside you. For some reason, I refused to talk to my friends and family about it. It was shameful or irrelevant or any other excuse I can come up with to avoid bringing it up and when they would notice and ask, I caught myself repeatedly answering “everything is fine” or any variation of it in that moment. So this record was born. I started listening again, realizing it wasn’t just me. I saw people around me falling into the well but as I started paying attention, I saw people climbing out of it too. These are the stories of leaving the burden behind, whatever that may be and hopefully along with it the realization that carrying them for any period of time doesn’t break us, but makes us stronger than we ever were.

This is where Ross Robinson comes in. He allowed me to become and guided me towards being the best vessel I could be to filter these stories through. We sat there and accepted what wanted to come through, what wanted to be heard. It was the first process of recording that ever made complete sense with absolutely no filter or veil to compensate for the sounds. Recording in a studio untouched since the 70’s with all the original gear, straight to tape. Everything, recording, mixing mastering, to tape! It was absolute and pure brutal honesty, what I’ve been trying to achieve since the start of this thing. Then Brad Wilk added his pulse to it and it felt like together we had given life to these stories that otherwise are sounds and lyrics filling space. Everyone involved dove head first into a pool without water for this one and I’m unbelievably grateful to be in there with them."

w/ King Dude

and Twin Temple

Adv tix - $15
Link below

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The Siouxsies, N.O.'s own all-female tribute to Siouxsie and the Banshees return once again to Santos with special guests from Houston, The Temple of Mercy, a tribute to The Sisters of Mercy. So line those eyes, touch up those roots and don your blackest blacks and Gothic finery.This is a night not to be missed.

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ESBBAT "20 years inside the Esbbat USA Tour 2019"


ESBBAT / Black Metal From COLOMBIA South since 1996

BITRU / Colombia South América
Black Metal

Pre Hispanic Black Metal

ANARETA / New Orleans
Xtreme string Doom Metal

LUNGS / Minnesota

Cover $15
Doors 8:00 Pm

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NOLA's favorite dance party is back &
ready to make some 𝔹𝕀𝔾 𝐖𝐀𝐕𝐄𝐒.
Secret Line-up & additional details: TBA

❗RSVP for FREE entry, 𝗟𝗜𝗠𝗜𝗧𝗘𝗗 tickets available❗

RSVP Link: Tuesday, Aug 6 at 3PM CDT
21+ | *Free Beignets included.

*CLICK "Going" or "interested" to be notified with all our updates for this exclusive event.

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POWER from HELL "USA Tour 2019"


Black Thrash Metal From BRASIL South América

Drunken Thrash Metal (New Orleans)

Black Metal (Dallas Texas)

Black Metal (Houston Texas)

DOORS/ 8:00 P.m.
SHOW/ 9:00 P.m


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A fundraiser for The Satanic Temple's Religious Reproductive Rights Campaign thrown by The Satanic Temple - Louisiana Chapter

Consistent with our tenets that call for bodily autonomy and acting in accordance with best scientific evidence, TST religiously objects to many of the restrictions that states have enacted that interfere with abortion access. TST is taking many steps on behalf of our members and those who share our beliefs to establish exemptions from laws that do not promote the health and safety of patients and violate our conscience and beliefs.

-Silent auction with lots of art, goods, jewelry, & services
-Performances by Deadsled Funeral Co., PlagueMaker, BeverLuna, & more TBA

For more information on TST's Religious Reproductive Rights Campaign please visit: https://religiousreproductiverights.com/


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