9:00 PM21:00


Hispanic Satanic Org. Proudly Present

Misantropic Black Metal ( Maryland )

Old School Death Metal (Baltimore Maryland)

Xtreme Death Metal (Lafayette lousiana)

Death Metal (New Orleans)

DOOR/ 8:00P.M
COVER/ $15
21 + ID to Enter

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8:00 PM20:00


Sheer Terror Records presents the Creepy Fest main event!

SUBMACHINE - hardcore from Pittsburgh, PA
VOMIT SPOTS - punk from Mobile, AL
THE PALLBEARERS - nola hardcore punk
FAT STUPID UGLY PEOPLE - powerviolence
DIE ROTZZ - nola punk
MARTY FELDMAN'S EYES - hardcore from Lafayette

TRASH NIGHT - dark blues/punk
LAUREN JEAN - no man band
PAWN OF THE JUNGLE - one man band

Doors at 7pm - Show at 8pm
$15 cover for both floors

Sponsored by Antigravity Magazine, Aysia 999 Promotions, Paranoize, Terror Optics, Abita Brewery, 86'd Productions

For full Creepy Fest lineup: https://www.facebook.com/events/348593449344974/

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9:00 PM21:00


Doors @ 8pm
21 & Up - $5

North Texas synth-pop trio Felt & Fur create dark danceable energy with eurythmic emotional charge. Alizsha Pennington's pleading lyrics paired with her dramatic guitar riffs offer a solemn counter to the pulsing keyboard melodies, pounding percussion and warm analogue synths of Randall Minick and Jarrod Estes to collectively form the perfect symbiosis of chaos and ritual. In November 2018, Felt & Fur's sophomore album Held made its debut release on Triptych Records and was quickly heralded as 2018 "Album of the Year" in the local press. The album's single, "Pulling a Thread" made "Song of the Day" in Central Track, Dallas' premier culture guide and "Music Video of the Day" in White Light White Heat. Driven by organic spacious keyboards, reverb-laden static, and hissing drones that grow to literally charge the air, Held features hypnotic, driving rhythms, spatial chord progressions and deep, repetitive, trance-inducing scapes of sound. Layered with rich tones, dynamic volume and enormous emotional range, Pennington's agonizing and dramatic vocals serve as guide through the labyrinth of penetrating, enduring synth pulsations generated by Minick and Estes.


NOLA Darkwave with pop sensibilities.
New Album Stardust Made Flesh out now:

Sulky sparkly dark rock duo with pop sensibilities from NOLA


Dreary synth drone pop // solo project of Wyatt Reverie


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9:00 PM21:00


High Desert quintet Bone Acre makes psych-rock that moves like a grass fire, whipped by the winds of Caroline Heerwagen’s intensely personal lyrics and fed by her smoldering vocals. The band’s name was derived from the title of a novel Heerwagen is writing — a dark tale about a little girl who falls prey to an older boy. And many of those vignettes surface in seething, haunting, raging fashion on Bone Acre’s debut album, “Oll Korrect.”

The album was three or so years in the making. The group — originally Sean Burgess, Adam D’Zurilla, Jason Obergfoll and Shawn Bann — had invited Heerwagen to come on as singer-songwriter. They were working on the music last year when, in October, guitarist Bann committed suicide. Ashley Mendel stepped in to replace him, and Bone Acre recorded the album with Dave Catching at the legendary Rancho De La Luna studio in Joshua Tree (Blind Melon’s Christopher Thorn did the mix). Its sound lives up to the room’s lineage.

The single “Bad Man” is about an abuser. It finds Heerwagen brawling with her demons, and the demonic things inflicted on her. “Just ’cause you’re wrong / doesn’t mean I’m right,” she sings, revealing just one facet of being a victim. Like the other seven episodes on “Oll Korrect,” it’s a case of healing with a howl and exorcism by guitar.

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9:00 PM21:00

Yellow Brick Road to Dancefestopia - New Orleans, La

Dancefestopia is hosting a touring series of events around the US which DJs are competing for a spot to play at the 2019 Dancefestopia.15 Cities - 15 Winners!

DJ's / Producers:
If you've ever wanted to play at Dancefestopia this may be your chance!
To submit your music OR to get more information please visit: https://www.dancefestopia.com/roadtodancefestopia

Come out and help us select an artist from your city to perform at Dancefestopia.

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9:00 PM21:00

POWER from HELL "USA Tour 2019"


Black Thrash Metal From BRASIL South América

Drunken Thrash Metal (New Orleans)

Black Metal (Dallas Texas)

Black Metal (Houston Texas)

DOORS/ 8:00 P.m.
SHOW/ 9:00 P.m


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9:00 PM21:00


Giuda is a five-piece band from Rome, Italy, that play an air-punching mix of anthemic ‘70s rock hooks delivered with the brutal force of early UK punk, all interpreted in a contemporary and original way with relevance for today’s discerning listener.

The story of Giuda begins in 2007 and is inextricably connected with that of Rome’s seminal punk rock band Taxi. When Taxi’s career was cut short by the tragic passing of their drummer, singer Ntenda, lead guitarist Lorenzo and bassist (then drummer) Danilo regrouped as Giuda. The lineup is completed by guitarist Michele, adding a second layer of boogie sparks to the mix, and new drummer Alex, who recently replaced Daniele.

Fuelled by the sounds of bands like Slade, Glitter Band, Hector, Third World War and Slaughter & The Dogs, Giuda offer fresh, powerful rock and roll with attitude in spades.

Their debut album “Racey Roller”, famously described by Robin Wills (The Barracudas) as, “Cock Sparrer twinned with the Equals”, was graced with iconic cover art courtesy of French designer and glam fanatic Tony CrazeeKid, and quickly became an underground sensation. Highly praised by publications as diverse as Mojo, The Guardian, Uncut, Rolling Stone, Vice (album of the year) and Maximum Rock’n’Roll, the album remains a true cult classic and an inspiration to the numerous hordes of bovver rockers currently following in Giuda’s wake.

From their debut album release up until the present day, the band has completed several European tours and five USA/North American tours, playing around 400 gigs in total, including triumphant appearances at many major festivals such as Rebellion (Blackpool, UK), PunkRock Bowling (Las Vegas, USA) and Hell Fest (France).

“Racey Roller caused me to piss my pants laughing because it was so brilliant, so exhilarating and fun.” - Joe Elliot (Def Leppard)

“They carry the very essence of guitar rock into the 21st century.” - Alex Petridis, The Guardian

“This is irresistible stuff.” - 9/10 Classic Rock

“Italy’s glammed-up boot boys do it again.” - 9/10 Vive Le Rock

“Delivered with a ‘70s Saturday grin, the aural equivalent of pale ale, home-knitted football scarves and a pub fight.” – 4/5 Shindig

“Subtle as a platform shoe in the teeth.” - Daily Express

“Their performance transported me back to the heady days of watching punk groups play in the back rooms of dodgy London pubs in 1977.″ - Phil King (Lush, Jesus And Mary Chain)

“This is the most fun I’ve had watching a live band since The Fleshtones in their prime. This is no single-minded retro trip, but pure energy, loud, tight and concise.”- Robin Wills (Barracudas, Purepop)

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8:00 PM20:00


If you’ve ever heard a room full of people yelling “I hope your husband dies” in a some harmoniously sloppy, drunken unison, you’ve probably stumbled into an Amigo The Devil show. Danny Kiranos, better known to the masses as his musical counterpart Amigo The Devil, has been challenging the expectations of traditional folk, country music purists, and rock/extreme metal fans alike with his morbid, yet oddly romantic, take on folk that has amassed a dedicated and cult like fan-base. Despite being armed with only his vocals and a banjo/acoustic guitar, the live show is worlds away from what people expect of a folk show. Loaded with sing-alongs and an unsuspecting dose of humor to make otherwise grim topics accessible for fans of every genre, the songs remain deeply rooted in the tradition of story-telling that seems to be slipping away from the human condition.
For the press release, I basically just wrote down my experiences going into and my purpose for this record and same thing, use it as you please or if you want me to do something else entirely, let me know. I know Kevin wanted me to dig deep and get personal so I did.
RAMBLING:"I got tired of seeing people overcomplicate what they feel, or worse, ignore it altogether. Amigo The Devil started as an outlet for the brutal honesty that people didn’t feel comfortable discussing. More than create, I listened. At a bar, while eating dinner, at the DMV. Call it creeping if you want but it’s a pass time nonetheless. Even in the music being released about it, people used metaphors to dance around and avoid mentioning the dark thoughts people have and that just isn’t enough to shake you from the daydream, or a fever. It had to be simple, direct and honest. At the start, it seemed logical to learn this process by taking the worst people and trying to find the humanity in them. I wrote some songs about serial killers and realized that no matter how despicable their crimes were, everything was still rooted in the human condition with the same basic need to be needed, to feel valued, to have worth. Through this learning process, I realized there was actually something so much more dangerous than the people committing heinous crimes and it was stained so deeply into the fabric of our daily lives. Doubt and the depression it leaves us stranded in. Every experience is clearly different but for me, all of a sudden, it felt like I was living in a well so deep that if I shouted up for help, it would be lost on the way and never heard. It’s terrifying when it feels like you’re alone down there and there isn’t enough light to look around to realize how many people are there alongside you. For some reason, I refused to talk to my friends and family about it. It was shameful or irrelevant or any other excuse I can come up with to avoid bringing it up and when they would notice and ask, I caught myself repeatedly answering “everything is fine” or any variation of it in that moment. So this record was born. I started listening again, realizing it wasn’t just me. I saw people around me falling into the well but as I started paying attention, I saw people climbing out of it too. These are the stories of leaving the burden behind, whatever that may be and hopefully along with it the realization that carrying them for any period of time doesn’t break us, but makes us stronger than we ever were.

This is where Ross Robinson comes in. He allowed me to become and guided me towards being the best vessel I could be to filter these stories through. We sat there and accepted what wanted to come through, what wanted to be heard. It was the first process of recording that ever made complete sense with absolutely no filter or veil to compensate for the sounds. Recording in a studio untouched since the 70’s with all the original gear, straight to tape. Everything, recording, mixing mastering, to tape! It was absolute and pure brutal honesty, what I’ve been trying to achieve since the start of this thing. Then Brad Wilk added his pulse to it and it felt like together we had given life to these stories that otherwise are sounds and lyrics filling space. Everyone involved dove head first into a pool without water for this one and I’m unbelievably grateful to be in there with them."

w/ King Dude

and Twin Temple

Adv tix - $15
Link below

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8:00 PM20:00


EVENT INFO https://www.facebook.com/events/327755597895040/

The Murderous Intentions Tour hits NOLA!!!

The Arkham Agency & Eighty Sixed Productions Present:

CROWN MAGNETAR(Colorado Deathcore)
KILL(Alabama Slamcore)

$7 @ The Door
Doors @ 8PM
Show @ 9PM

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10:00 PM22:00

CRhi$ RÛnTę’s ĒxTernåŁ Ēxplø$įøń

We hereby gather on the 11th day of June 2019 to celebrate the birth of our dear friend, Christopher Runte. You are cordially invited to bring yourself and your most ratchetest alter ego to partake in one of this year’s most epic events.

Line up consisting of the following:
Big Werm
Zach Edwards
Unicorn Fukr
Hunter Romero

The party will also include other special guest appearances via Alfonzo Johnson, Kyle Thibedoux, members of The IceMan Special, your 2nd grade math teacher, PeeWee Herman, lil Sad Dude (aka Elvis Depressley), Gumby, and that one guy you met the other night but you can’t remember his name and you feel bad because you had really good conversation so you don’t want to ask him what his name is because he called you by yours and you feel like a shit person because you were just living in the moment at the time , but also really drunk.

We hope you can be in attendance or alive in general.

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9:00 PM21:00


‘Twas the Friday of Pride and all through the Quarter, queer folx looking to get down start looking harder and harder...
And we’re there for that!

The first Girl Party of the weekend will be at the former location of the last lesbian bar in New Orleans. We'll be in the heart of the French Quarter on the 2nd floor of the former home of the Ruby Fruit Jungle.

Upstairs will be Grrls only, with a giant balcony, DJ's, and go-go dancers.

Downstairs we'll be mixing it up with drag and other outrageous queerness with Bearded Lady Productions.

*Save on this event by purchasing a GrrlSpot | Triband instead.

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9:00 PM21:00


Doors @ 9PM - $15 Advance Tickets available:

Annika Henderson is a musician, poet, ex-political journalist and artist who rose to fame as ANIKA with two highly acclaimed eponymous records (Recorded with Geoff Barrow of Portishead and his band Beak>, released on Invada UK and Stones Throw in the US). She is well known as a DJ too, hosts a radio program on BCR – Berlin Community Radio, is seen and heard in experimental cinema and collaborates with a variety of artists and musicians.

+ local support TBA

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Black Sabbitch
9:00 PM21:00

Black Sabbitch

Since 2011, Black Sabbitch have been selling out shows and wowing even the most difficult to please Sabbath worshipers, gaining a rabid fan base and the respect of critics, fans and musicians alike. They were hand-picked by Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne to open the inaugural Ozzfiesta and by Dave Grohl to play Cal Jam with Foo Fighters and Iggy Pop, after which the FooFighters shared photos of Black Sabbitch saying "we were spellbound.” Nick Zinner of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs chose Black Sabbitch to headline his curated festival Bedrocktoberfest and legendary street artist Shepard Fairey had Black Sabbitch open his Black Sabbath retrospective, Never Say Die. Electroclash superstar Peaches recently sat in as lead vocalist with Black Sabbitch for a special two night run in Los Angeles. The LA Weekly recently said of Black Sabbitch. "Finally Black Sabbitch took the stage and pretty much melted everyone's faces. The all-female Black Sabbath... were not only talented — nailing every note of the legendary group's familiar repertoire — but were captivating to an almost distracting level. Looking up at them from the crowd (which had erupted into a mosh pit...) I couldn't help but wonder what these women's stories were. They emanated the effortless cool of rock and roll, but with about 10 extra ounces of sexy confidence.”
Black Sabbitch are Angie Scarpa / Drums, Melanie Makaiwi / Bass, Emily Burton / Guitar, Alice Austin / Vocals
Selected quotes
“Those who seek the purest source of the one-of-a-kind Sabbath sound never walk away from a Sabbitch live show feeling like they settled for a dollar store version of the Birmingham four. Sabbitch offers an experience that even Ozzy and the boys couldn’t provide. After adding up Sabbitch’s raw musical talent, and their ability to play the songs Sabbath were forced to raise to the rafters...the only label you could possibly hang on Black Sabbitch would have to be “undeniable.” NEW TIMES
“Don’t call Black Sabbitch a tribute. They are the female version of Black Sabbath.They are a hard-rock band playing old-school Sabbath and they bring a new shine to old doom. Indeed, they rock the living hell out of Sabbath’s catalog.” San Diego Reader
“Cover bands, tribute bands and the rest, we don’t need most of ’em, but we do need Black Sabbitch.” OrganThing.com
“Believe me when I say they are bringing it. They do more than just cover Sabbath. It’s as if they are from a freaking alternate universe.” Alibi.com

black sabbitch posgter.jpg
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