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Come on out to Santos' first Blue Crystal / Crystal reunion nostalgia ball. Party like it's before 1999 when debauchery was the name of the game on Lower Decatur (and no one was filming it for FB).

Cover is $7

We'll have a night of entertainment and two floors of music.

Come in and relax from parading activities starting at 9 p.m.

We'll have a DJ playing some tunes to get you prepared for what is sure to be an insane night.

10 p.m. we'll have some of the most obscene dark hearted ladies grace our stage with their sideshow routines and dance acts. Xena Zeit-Geist, Lune Noirr, and Salem Sin. Sparks, bed of nails, and a Vamp. Details coming soon.

11 p.m. The Siouxsies will take the stage and invade our ear holes with the best Siouxsie Sioux tunes we all know and love.

Once they leave the stage the party gets out of control.

DJs on the main floor will be playing some well loved tunes from the Blue Crystal and Crystal days including some new electronic tunes. Music will fit the dancefloor mood but sure to keep you dancing on that dancefloor time machine. 
DJ Eugene Oubliette and DJ Myk Hell both DJs who previously played music the later days of The Crystal crowd before it closed in 2000.

Upstairs DJs will be playing new music and older obscure music that may sound new to you. Darkwave, Minimal Wave, Synthwave, New RetroWave, Coldwave, and modern post-punk. 
DJ Nothing
Guest DJ NM from Orlando will be joining us.

Santos has a large balcony upstairs so you can watch the drunken revelry from above while you sip (or shoot) some Mezcal and Tequila specialties.

All are welcome and dark attire isn't required. Just come out to have some fun and party like it's pre-1999 on Lower Decatur.

Earlier Event: February 11
Later Event: February 13
Fat Santos