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CRhi$ RÛnTę’s ĒxTernåŁ Ēxplø$įøń

We hereby gather on the 11th day of June 2019 to celebrate the birth of our dear friend, Christopher Runte. You are cordially invited to bring yourself and your most ratchetest alter ego to partake in one of this year’s most epic events.

Line up consisting of the following:
Big Werm
Zach Edwards
Unicorn Fukr
Hunter Romero

The party will also include other special guest appearances via Alfonzo Johnson, Kyle Thibedoux, members of The IceMan Special, your 2nd grade math teacher, PeeWee Herman, lil Sad Dude (aka Elvis Depressley), Gumby, and that one guy you met the other night but you can’t remember his name and you feel bad because you had really good conversation so you don’t want to ask him what his name is because he called you by yours and you feel like a shit person because you were just living in the moment at the time , but also really drunk.

We hope you can be in attendance or alive in general.